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The Natural Hair & Locking Center


It was such a pleasure to have you to view the website,to smile as you

pondered what your next hair style will be, and are now ready to make an

appointment for your future service. I love what I do and you will not have the

stress of waiting or being delayed. It will be "your" time.

It is our policy that all clients reserve their appointments and confirm advance

technique services with "Commitment Deposits", arrive on time, no profanity

in the facility, no smoking in salon, no unexpected or invited guest, and to pay for

all services rendered. Payments can be made with cash, money order, or Mastercard

or Visa (additional fees apply). Payments may be collected for advance styles before

the start of the specified service. Discounts are only granted when you have referred a family member or friend to the salon.

Below is the payment guide that will assist you in confirming your future appointment. Once you have completed your consultation with Cykeithia Kumani you will be advised as to which category describes your service.

Commitment Deposits should be made at least 7 days days prior to your scheduled service for current clients when making advance appointments; But same day as appointment inquiry for new clients. A staff person will continue to contact you days prior to confirm your appointment but you may make deposits any time within the weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. If your deposit is made short of the required time the full balance may be due the day of your appointment and when the payment clears it will be credited to your account for your next appointment.

New Clients please take a moment to JOIN PayPal if you are not a member.

Clients who are members of PayPal should go to and log in; go to

SEND MONEY,ENTER the salon e-mail: [email protected], type in 30 USD,

click the bubble denoted as SERVICES under the PRODUCT category, click CONTINUE, then click SEND MONEY to close transaction.

The balance of your hair service will be paid the

day of your service.

If you are confirming your appointment and are not a PayPal member yet you may enter from this site only. If you have any questions or need clarity I am available to speak with you anytime.

Consultations & Deposits

I do look forward to seeing and serving you soon !

CyKeithia "Kumani" Henderson