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The Natural Hair & Locking Center

Leggacy Designs(R)

An array of fashion that is a replica of our heritage, roots,

and our natural hair.The VISION was planted as a seed in

August 2008 but came to life during the blizzard of 2010.

With all of the snow and the inability to be in motion with the

norm of hustle and bustle I had the opportunity to reflect on

previous writings in my "heart" of journals.

With a "yes" from my gracious God I took a leap of faith and

have made a VISION come to reality within 30 days. My mission

with the release of these new items is to build a LEGACY for my

children and to give them the opportunity to travel during their

summer breaks and have something to write about in their future

"Articles of eXpressions". I am a mother of twins and because I have

twin daughters you see two "g"'s in Leggacy.

We all thought this was cute ! The fashion apparel was a success at the Baltimore Natural Hair Care expo on March 20, 2010.

Also available is ARTworks by Cordell Custom Creations(R) ~ a Maestro of Art, hand crafted personal portraits for individuals or couples, portraits for special occasions such as anniversary,birthday, or in honor of. Also specializing in logos, afrocentric paintings, & Tatoo Stencil Design to name a few.  



Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil !

For Orders and Creations call

Brian C. Evans (202) 299 - 8512